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Project "Our School"




   Dear guests, welcome to our school! We, the students of the 10th A want to offer our project about our school. My classmates took interviews with our class teacher and teachers of English. They found out some facts about the history of our school. We shall try not only to tell you about our research but to show our pictures.


 Historical page of our school


  Krasnogorskaya School was opened on the 16th October 1843 as one class men school. On the 15th of February 1887 one class women’s school was opened in the village Krasnaya Gorka. The history of our school is long and it covers three centuries. Since 1950 it became 7 classes school. The children were fed with hot dinner. Pupils brought food for these purposes.

  Our school became as a secondary since 1979. It is located in another building on the territory of the state farm Mamadishsky. There are many outstanding persons who studied at our school. Among them are professors, army and police officers, doctors, teachers, economists, engineers and many others who live in different parts of our great country. I hope we’ll stay the good trace in the history of our school. (student Arslanov Albert)


Our class teacher

We want to introduce you about our class teacher Rakhimzyanova Elvira Saidashevna. She was born in Mamadish on the 29th of April. She learnt very well and was active in social life of her school and was a leader of her class. Elvira Saidashevna liked Maths but after school she learnt at Yelabuga Pedagogical Institute in faculty of Russian language and literature. So after graduating the Institute she came back to Mamadish and began to work as a teacher of Tatar language and literature at Krasnogorskaya School. Now she is teaching Russian language and literature. Elvira Saidashevna has been working at our school for 13 years. She has 2 children a son and a daughter. At free time she likes knitting, reading books. Her favourite writer is Daniella Still and growing house flowers. She has more than 30 varieties. Elvira Saidashevna is a person of mood. She likes to listen to pop music rap, hard rock or classical music. She takes any responsibilities very seriously. She is hardworking, very honest, kind, understanding and organized person. Elvira Saidashevna is always ready to help. She is also very charming, sociable, and intelligent. Elvira Saidashevna likes children and we respect and like her.

 (student Babikova Diana)


Our class


We are in the 10th a form. Our class is profile. Our fundamental subjects are Maths and Information Technology. Last year we learnt in different classes. Now we are together six month and our class is very friendly already. There are 24 pupils 15 girls and 9 boys. My classmates are creative, talented and hardworking people. I and Diana attend Art school. I think we paint rather well. We take part in different art projects. Our boys are outstanding sportsmen. They are good volleyball players, power lifting sportsmen, wrestling fighters. Most of the students of our class are good at all school subjects. We always help each other to do our home work. We take part in Olympiads, sport competitions and other competitions. We don’t miss these activities and often win. The 10th a class is very friendly, merry, active and clever. (student Urazlina Alyona)




Our teachers of English


There are three teachers of English language in our school: Elena Grigorievna, Elvira Raimovna and Rafkat Khamzyanovich. I want to tell you about Rafkat Khamzyanovich. He was born in 1956 on the 10th of September. When he was 7 he began to attend school number 1 in Yelabuga. Ay school Rafrat Khamzyanovich got only 5 and 4. When he graduated school he learnt in Yelabuga Pedagogical Institute in a faculty of foreign languages. Since 1982 Rafkat Khamzyanovich has been working at Krasnogorskaya School. He is a teacher of English and German languages. Rafkat Khamzyanovich has a son. His name is Ruslan. He is a student. Now he learns at the 5th course in University of Energy.  

  Rafkat Khamzyanovich is very kind, honest, wise, understanding, funny. He likes to tell anecdotes. Pupils like him, because at his lesson there is very interesting. Rafkat Khamzyanovich is a strong person. He lives by principle ‘Try to do best as possible’. Because of it all pupils and teachers respect him. (student Babikova Yulia)




I want to introduce you our English teacher Strokina Elena Grigorievna. She has been teaching at our school for 22 years after graduating foreign language faculty of Yelavuga Pedagogical Institute. She was born in the village Krasnaya Gorka and studied at our school. She always wanted to be a teacher. When she was a school girl she was an excellent pupil. Of course her favourite subject was English. She was very active in different school activities. She took part in English parties, concerts and helped her teacher to organize them. Elena Grigorievna wants us to know English well and have a chance to go abroad to improve language or even to work. She is kind and hardworking person. She likes her job very much. We respect her and we like to study English. In her free time she likes gardening, watching TV, working on the computer, meeting with friends and relatives. Her motto is ‘Live and learn’. During the whole life any person should learn and the first great mountain of it is school of course. (students Kushaeva Luda, Zagidullina Lyaisan) 



I want to tell you about English teacher of our school Elvira Raimovna. Elvira Raimovna was born in the village Bogatie Sabi. In a after her birthday her family moved to Mamadish. Elvira Raimovna learnt at Krasnogorskaya School. She was an excellent pupil. At school she was fond of English and Arabic languages. After school she entered Tatar Humanitarian University. Since 2007 she began to work in our school and in Medrece (religious school). She teaches English in infant school. Elvira Raimovna considers that children in our school like English and it is one of the favourite school subjects. They like to recite poems, to sing songs, to play games. Elvira Raimovna likes her colleges, because they are supportive, friendly and hardworking.(student Novosyolova Anna)



                            The lesson of English


     I want to tell you about our English lessons.

As you know, we have three English lessons in a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Usually we read texts about English countries, about their culture and traditions. We compare their traditions and customs with our traditions. We learn many interesting facts by searching work. We learn how to study English by ourselves. Sometimes we do projects. For examples this year we have done projects “About interesting person”, “The recipe of our national cuisine”, “Our native town Mamadish”. During the lesson we speak mostly English, but sometimes, when we students don't understand the teacher or the task is difficult, we start speaking Russian. What I like best of all in our English lessons is the gay, friendly atmosphere in the class. The funny joke is always greeted. To the end of the lesson the teacher always gives us homework. It usually consists of learning new words or a text by heart and making some exercises in a writing form. And I want to say you that all English lessons are among the most interesting and the most exciting lesson; that's why I like them very much.

 (student Efimov Rinat)


This is the end of our project. I think that you found out some unknown information for yourself and I hope that you won’t judge us very strict. Thank you for your attention. We want to wish you great success in your noble job and we promise that we’ll continue studying English after graduating from secondary school with great pleasure.

Good luck!


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